Friday, 13 April 2012


An 18-year-old Siparia woman yesterday confessed to punching to death two-year-old Aliyah Johnson in a fit of rage because the girl drank her beer.

The woman told investigators that she punched Aliyah twice in the stomach for drinking the remains of her last beer.

Aliyah later complained of abdominal pains and was rushed to the Siparia Health Facility where she later succumbed to internal injuries.

On Wednesday, an autopsy performed on Aliyah by pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov revealed she died from blunt force abdominal trauma and acute internal blood loss. So severe was the blow to her belly that it ruptured her liver causing her to bleed to death. There was no sign of sexual abuse. Toxicology tests are to be done on tissue samples taken from Aliyah’s body.

Up to late yesterday, investigators were “tying up loose ends” and “authenticating statements” before approaching Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard today on how to proceed with the case.

The beating of Aliyah is believed to have taken place at about 5.30 pm, on Easter Sunday, inside a 10 x 10 galvanise room built under a house at Maria David Trace, San Francique in Penal.

Officers of the Siparia Police Station reported that at about 7.45 pm on Sunday, they received a report from staff at the nearby Siparia Health Facility that an unresponsive child with marks of violence about her body had been brought in for medical attention.

Shortly after the girl’s death, the woman and a 23-year-old man were detained by investigators. Up to last night, the teenager and the man were still being interrogated at the Siparia CID where they have been since Sunday night.

In her confession statement to police officers, the woman claimed she was accustomed to feeding Aliyah beer and was “sorry for her actions.”

The suspect confessed that on Easter Sunday, while in the galvanise room, she drank beer and ingested drugs and believes the potent mix may have caused her to become enraged.

She went on to express remorse for her actions and told officers she was “extremely sorry” for cutting short the life of the only human being she felt ever showed her love.

Officers of the Southern Homicide Bureau returned to the scene yesterday and seized a beer bottle from which Aliyah may have drunk before she was cuffed to death.

Following Aliyah’s death on Sunday, there were several conflicting reports on how the little girl may have died.

According to reports, on February 21, Aliyah and the suspect moved into a house the 23-year-old man shared with his relatives but conflict arose and the three of them moved downstairs into a makeshift galvanise room.

The owner of the house Ramjohn Hosein, 67, told Newsday that he always felt sorry for Aliyah whose life was a daily struggle.

“I didn’t like what I was seeing when they came here to live. Aliyah was such a nice child but she was not cared for. Up to when she was lying here on two cushions fighting for her life, (the suspect) sit down holding the child. I say, ‘call the ambulance, that child have to go to the hospital.’ (The suspect) curse me telling me that it is not my business,” Hosein said yesterday.

“I leave and walk out the road, because it could have trouble. I talk to her (suspect) about giving the child beer to drink, she steups and light she cigarette ignoring me completely.”

Hosein spoke of numerous occasions the other occupants of the house had to give Aliyah food and clothes.

“She was a child not responsible for herself. We couldn’t have the others eat and she go hungry,” Hosein added. “We see her (suspect) beat the child so badly and call her names that your belly will churn.”

Hosein gave a signed witness statement to the police yesterday.

He said he knew Aliyah was never sexually abused while living among his children and grandchildren despite all the rumours. He said he was relieved the autopsy results showed there was no sign of sexual abuse.

“She was a loving child and no one would ever want to hurt her. The only reason we never took her is because we couldn’t afford to. (The suspect) wanted us to go to court and legally adopt her. Maybe we should have done that. She would have been alive today.”

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