Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cops called to PM’s house: neighbour angry...

SOLDIERS guarding the private home of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at Phillipine near San Fernando called in police officers yesterday after her neighbour began removing the razor wire from a fence separating the properties.
The neighbour, Leon Achilleous, insisted he was well within his rights and his action was intended to protect his four children from harm.

Persad-Bissessar returned from Suriname last night and went directly to Parliament in Port of Spain.
Achilleous is a mechanical engineer who also resides in England.
Archilleous’ family said they had tolerated the noise of the helicopters transporting Persad-Bissessar home at night, and the parties held at her property on weekends and weekdays, but the issue of the razor wire was “just unnecessary and taking it too far”.

Achilleous said the family came home around noon to find a contractor on his property laying the razor wire along a edge of a roof on Persad-Bissessar’s property.
The family said they spoke with the supervisor and asked that he stop the work because the children could be injured.

However, the supervisor continued with the job. Achilleous, who has lived at the property for eight years, said he was attempting to remove the razor wire himself, when two soldiers confronted him.
His wife, Catriona Achilleous, said, “They intimidated my husband in their conversation.They told him to stop but he continued and the police came and told him not to do it. It is not his property.”
The couple said they had already invested $300,000 to build a wall to separate the properties, and would remove the razor wire again if it was re-installed.

The family said they were willing to go to court on the issue.

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