Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jungle justice after girl's death

After the fatal shooting of 14-year-old Ladonna Lewis in west Kingston, information now reaching THE STAR is that one of the men responsible for the act was shot to death the very same day in a quick case of jungle justice.

Police reports state that about 4 p.m. last Friday, residents heard explosions and found Ladonna suffering from gunshot wounds on the roadway. She was assisted to the Kingston Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Information from the community is that while the teen was at the hospital, word was issued to the group of thugs believed to be behind the shooting that should the girl die one of them would be killed in return. The promise was not to go unfulfilled as further chilling reports from residents are that shortly after the girl died, a teen from the group of attackers was shot to death and buried at a nearby cemetery.
Some others who were involved in the incident have since fled the community while some were bitterly beatenTHE STAR was further told.
One resident of the west Kingston community where the tragedy unfolded said the matter was one in which the gun went off accidentally and the teen's death was not an intentional killing.
When contacted, Superintendent Hugh Bish, the head of the west Kingston Police Division, told THE STAR last night that the claims could not be confirmed. He, however, said that he heard rumours that a man said to have been involved in the death of the teen was killed by residents on the day of the incident. He said the police could not prove that this was the case and he was unaware of the claims that men had been forced out of the community and others beaten.

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